Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

01. Purpose and use of personal information collection

① KUMKANG Enertech collects the minimum amount of information necessary to provide convenient and informative personal information to the members while using KUMKANG Enertech’s overseas service
- Name, resident registration number, ID, and password: Used in the process of identifying the member when signing up.
- E-mail, telephone number: high-level delivery. Securing desired communication paths, such as handling complaints or informing service/event information.
- Address: Delivery of the high-level information and securing the exact recipient when sending the Confucian scholarly

② All information provided by the user is not used for any other purpose other than those required for the purpose above, and if the scope, purpose or use of the information are changed, we will ask for prior consent.

02. Personal information retention period and service period

While you receive the service provided by KUMKANG Enertech, your personal information will be retained by KUMKANG Enertech and used to provide the service. However, in the event that the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information is achieved, or if the membership is restricted and suspended for reasons of loss of membership expressed or requested to withdraw according to the procedure stated in Article 7 of the KUMKANG Enertech Terms of Use, the information of the individual concerned shall be deleted by technical methods that cannot be opened or used for any purpose. However, in the event that it is necessary to hold the business for a certain period of time due to the following verification of the transaction-related rights obligations under the provisions of the relevant statutes, such as the Commercial Act, as follows:
- Records on contracts or withdrawal of subscriptions: 5 years
- Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
- Records on the handling of complaints or disputes by consumers: 3 years

03. Providing and Sharing Privacy

In principle, KUMKANG Enertech does not disclose personal information to other companies or organizations that are not related to the service. However, in the following cases, personal information can be provided without the exception of consent:

① In case it is deemed necessary to disclose personal information in order to take legal action against those who violate the terms and conditions of use of Geumgang Energy Nex, or who have engaged in an illegal act that damages others or damages wind quality by using the service of Geumgang Energy Nex
② For rhetorical purposes, or under the provision of law demand if any of the investigative agency in accordance with procedures and methods defined in the laws.
③ In the case of statistics creation, academic research, market research, information delivery and notification sending, certain individuals are provided in an unidentifiable form.

04. Cookie Operation

Cookie is the small data in which the website sends to the user’s computer browser (Netscape and Internet Explorer), and it isused to verify the members while the member is logged on to KUMKANG Enertech.
Cookie can identify your computer, but it does not identify the members. Also, members have options for the cookies.
Web browser tools > Internet Option Tab >Accept all cookies or allow to send notification when cookie is being installed, or reject all cookies.
If you select to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some of the services that request user registration.

05. Technical and administrative measures

KUMKANG Enertech has advanced server and network-related security systems.
We have security programs such as firewalls to protect your personal information. In addition, KUMKANG Enertech emphasizes compliance with this policy through frequent security training while minimizing the number of employees who handle personal information and also having different access rights to membership information. The data management organization, the IT team, is tightly segregated from the outside to maintain tight security. Through the system and security training, we are responding to intrusions.

06. View, Correct, and Delete Personal Information

You may request to view, correct or delete the personal information provided at any time.
You can view, modify, and delete personal information by selecting the personal information change menu of KUMKANG Enertech and then correct it on your own. For withdrawal of personal information consent, contact KUMKANG Enertech ( or the Customer Center (tel: 031-355-0058) to immediately delete your personal information through your confirmation process. Your personal information will not be used in any other way.

07. Personal ID and password management

The ID and password you are using are supposed to be used only by you in principle
In the event that there is no intentional or negligence of KUMKANG Enertech, KUMKANG Enertech shall not be responsible for problems caused by the theft of your ID and password or other use of others. Under no circumstances should you give other people your password, and while you are logged on, please take extra care not to leak your personal information to others around you.
If a member's membership or purchase is confirmed by stealing another person's personal information, the service contract can be unilaterally terminated, and the resident registration law may impose a prison term of not more than three years or a fine of not more than 10 million won.

09. Privacy of children under the age of 14

KUMKANG Enertech does not receive membership from children under 14 years of age who need consent from legal representatives.

10. Contracts and Cancellations concerning the Transaction of Minors

In the event that you want to enter into a contract with a minor regarding the transaction of goods or other goods, you or your legal representative may cancel the contract unless the legal representative agrees to the contract.

11. Duty of Notice

The current Privacy Policy was established on June 25, 2004, and if there is a change in the government policy or security technology, further deletion or modification of the information will be notified in the 'Notices' section of the website at least 10 days ago.
- Date of privacy policy implementation :
- Date of privacy policy changes :

12. Customer Personal Information Management Officer

According to the personal information guidelines designated by the Ministry of Information and Communication, KUMKANG Enertech is designated as follows.
- Personal information management officer :
- Personal information related complaints :
- e-mail :
- Fax :
- Address :
- Operator registration number :

If you need to talk about other privacy violations/damages, you can do so at the Personal Information Violation Reporting Center ( (number 1336).