Retention facility

SMT Facilities

Automated CHIP / Converter Production Facility

※ Automatic technology for mounting surface chamber parts (CHIP) on PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

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SMPS Production Facility

Produce patent-registered converters and common converters for general use

※ Quality management beyond the usual standard is possible.

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Production type automatic inspection facility

Quantitative quantification of daily production quantity, target quantity, and
defect rate of automated production facilities of mass production is possible

※ Automatically inspect the lighting production line for ageing, electrical characteristics, and lamp/lighting characteristics

Performance Measurement Equipment for Products

Performance measurement of products such as light speed (lm),
power consumption (W), color temperature (K), and light distribution (IES)

※ The performance data value of the product enables continuous quality control of products that have been certified for high efficiency materials and KS certification.

Lightning data (IES file)

Lightning simulation data

Spherical photometer/color rendering measuring equipment

Equipment for measuring the luminous flux and spectral distribution, colorability and color coordinates of LAMP