ks한국산업표준 로고

KS Korea Industrial Standards

KS C 7603 Fluorescent Light

KS C 7653 Encased and Fixed LED

KS C 7655 LED Module Power Supply Converter

KS C 7657 LED Sensor light

KS C 7658 LED street lamp and security lamp

KS C 7712 LED floodlight

KS C 7716 LED tunnel light

KC 안전인증 로고

KC Safey Certificate

XH110065-160071 Incandescent Light Bulb (for fixed stabilizer internal LED lamps)

HH11055-15030D LED lamps (fixed)

HH11055-18049B LED lamps (encased)

HH11055-15031B Flood lights

HH11055-19052A Lighting System converter (Direct LED lamp-converter exterior)

HH02051-12001C Electronic switch

And others

ISO 로고


ISO 9001:2015/KS Q ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015/KS I ISO 14001:2015 Certificate of Environmental Management System

G-PASS 기업 로고

Prospective Companies to Enter the Overseas Procurement Market
(G-PASS Firms) Specifications

No. 2018-050 KUMKANG ENERTECH Co., Ltd.

(business license number: 130-81-61025)

장애인 표준사업장 인증 로고

Certification of the disabled standard business establishment

No. 2019-003 KUMKANG ENERTECH Co., Ltd.

(business license number: 130-81-61025)

고효율에너지기자재 로고

High-efficiency energy appliance materials

Interior LED Lamps No. 24358

Light fixture No. 16250 Interior LED light fixture

Interior LED Lamps No. 29440.

Lighthouse 5739 Interior LED Lamps

Light fixture No. 15892 for outdoor use

Light fixture No. 26335 LED light fixture for outdoor

LED Lamp No. 18546 Intuitive LED Lamp (Converter Exterior)

a number of others

환경표지인증 로고

Environmental marker identification

No. 11310, KKET-D150-10LC and 29 other types

No. 11705 KKET-1J12-33LD and 20 other types

No. 12629, KKET-3D03-17AC and five other types

15772 KKET-3M12-40DE et al. 16 kinds

No. 16058 KKET-D085-08F and 49 other types

No. 18738 KKET-C250-10JT and five other types

No. 19034 KKET-O0603-100DK and four other types

a number of others

Certificate number may be different due to certificate renewal.